Flush Mount Lights Under $100

October 24, 2019

Starting fresh or looking to change things up? The dreaded 'builder-grade' boob light is a great place to start, IMO! 😉 We tend to find trendy lights for the entryway, kitchen, dining and living room, but give those poor bedrooms and laundry rooms the shaft when it comes to finding great fixtures. It's not always feasible to put something fun in every room, but it's a great place to jazz things up once you've been in your home awhile!

Options for beautiful flush mount lighting may feel limited, but thanks to the lovely inter-webs, it’s pretty easy to get into a rabbit hole. Local stores have some good options, but we have most of our luck shopping online and are able to hit all price points. To start off our mini-series, we’ve rounded up some of the best flush mounts under $100 to help you avoid the dreaded “boob” light at all costs.

Lights Under 100

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